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Catch the Complex

10+ years of combined experience in marketing communications strategy.

Welcome to my blog and stream of consciousness.
Prepare to get weirded out bc we’re gettin’ schwifty. JK JK … a little. ; )
This is an outlet for the life gems I’ve mined in love and truth.
I built this platform for people like me.
Those who appreciate the strength in duality.
I’m a communications strategist by day, entrepreneur by night.
Hopefully you enjoy checking out my musings as much as I enjoy creating them.
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Blogger / Communications Director / Marketing Communications Strategist


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My take:

On Life

heart open : mind open. a mantra. dig deeper and get to the root.

On Business

do what you love, not what you were told you were supposed to. be fulfilled in all you do.

On Blogging

my go-tos + how-tos in blogging, branding, marketing and communication.


Heal Yo’Self Virtual Wellness Summit


 “The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”

You might’ve wondered what I’d been up to in 2017. Girlaaa. (used androgynously) I’ve been healing.  A couple of good friends of mine and I hosted a virtual wellness summit where we invited you to #HealYoSelf too!
We gave you:

+ resources to get to know yo’self
+ freebies and deals to treat yo’self
+ info on how to love yo’self.

Check it all out below and watch this video where we talk about shadow work and how to wield it to your favor.

 Don’t miss out on the goods.

  • Guided meditations
  • Yoga seshs
  • #CheatSheetz on crystals + natal charts
  • And more …



Get to know me

Prototypical Virgo but exceptionally carefree

Daughter. Sister. Friend.

I’m a big sister to two knuckle head 22-year-old boys. They’re not twins, but our bond couldn’t be stronger. My mom’s a Chicago-native and she taught me everything I know about being a woman who’s about her business. My dad raised me with the mantra: “It iz wat it iz.” That foundation gave me the tenacity to overcome obstacles I’d never imagined and my friends gave me the support system to make it through.

Social scientist.

My educational background is in criminology. I have a passion for making an impact on the disproportionately represented populations in our criminal justice system. Florida State University ignited that passion in my heart, I’d later attain my master’s while deployed overseas. I’m interested in connecting the dots between the media and communications communities and that of the CJ system.

Navy veteran.

I dropped a little teaser in the bullet before this one. I was indoctrinated into the world of communications and marketing when I enlisted as a mass communication specialist in the U.S. Navy in 2012. I served at the Naval Postgraduate School and went on a 10-month around-the-world aircraft carrier deployment in 2015 before transitioning back to civilianhood. What can’t be measured here are the lifelong bonds I made along the way.

Location, location. 📍

Virginia raised me, Florida taught me. California’s home.

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